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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Affirmative Defense to Spousal Abuse

"I'm not saying he shoulda killed her...but I understand." - Chris Rock, in reference to O.J. Simpson

Thursday, April 28, 2005

How to be a douche bag, post the second.

When a bunch of students take a class because they heard it was easy and that the professor always allowed it to be open book, but then he misspeaks and says it's closed book, but then a week later says he'll let it be open book as long as no one claims detrimental reliance on the fact that he'd said it was closed book, and you email him claiming detrimental reliance, you are a douche bag. *

You probably have very few friends, because you probably pull shit like that all the time. Congratulations, a class of around 100 people hate your guts. Oh, and don't think we can't figure you who you are. You'll be the one sitting there with that smug, self-satisfied look on your face, and the rest of us will know.

And if we don't figure it out, there's this thing called karma. And it can be a real bitch. **

*If you were able to follow this paragraph really long sentence, despite its horrid grammar, I'm impressed.
**This assessement on being a douche bag is only supported by 50% of Amicus Curiae. Please see "Finals Give Me a Semi"

In other (non-douche bag) news, a classmate discovered my Semi-Top-Secret Identity today. She said she knew it had to be someone in our section who is funny and has big boobs, which obviously narrowed it down to me and... oh yeah. Just me. Anyway, she said she checks the blog every few hours for updates, so this one's for her. She claims to be anti-studying, so I'm sure she'll appreciate a reason to procrastinate further.

Lastly, a note about blogging during finals. Antonin and I have been dedicated to bringing you at least one post per day, despite the fact that most blawgers go on a finals hiatus of a sort (which really means they post more pointless entries in an attempt to not study). But because we're dedicated to bringing you posts, we hope you'll continue to read said posts and leave us comments (hey! we need distractions too). Okay, I hope you'll continue to leave comments. And if this makes me a comment whore (it does), then so be it.

Have a nice evening.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I knew it! I fucking knew it!

My entire philosophy on physical health was backed today by the Portuguese. They say that two beers a day are good for your health, which means I will probably end up being immortal after finals are over. Here are two points I would like to emphasize:

1) "Forget the myth of the 'beer gut' because it is just that: a myth," This quote proves that my ex-girlfriend should be committed, since she was always giving me a hard time about "a myth." Crazy bitch.

2) "a six fluid ounce glass of beer has less calories than a quarter pint of sugarless orange juice or a similar sized cup of milk." Of course, you usually won't drink 18 glasses of sugarless orange juice, smash the empty glass in a public bathroom, then go have two Eggs Mexicana Combos from Taco C. So that one probably evens out.

(I also found out this was true last summer.)

Urgent: All Soon-to-be 1Ls, Please Read

If you are starting law school in the fall and you are already reading law school study aids, please, for the love of all that is good in the world, STOP.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be reading law books already. It will not give you some big advantage over your classmates and will only serve to make you the Section Gunner, and then no one will like you, your social life will suffer, and you'll never get laid. Yes, it's that bad. I answered a question in class once, and my friends didn't speak to me for a week.

On the real, this is the most sincere advice I can possibly give you, all joking aside. In the next three years, your pleasure reading will be pretty much non-existent. Use this last summer of freedom to read as many non-law books as possible. Don't even read legal thrillers. Find somethign that is the opposite of law, and read that instead.

I used to quite enjoy reading, and so I will suggest some titles:

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (out July 16, 2005)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Anything by Jasper Fforde
A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
And for the ladies: anything by Jane Austen

There is a law-related character in the first Lemony Snicket book, but she's a minor character, so it's okay.

I repeat myself one last time. Step away from the law book. You will thank me for this later.

Advice for Up and Coming UT 1Ls

In our inbox today:

I noticed your blog the other day. As a soon to be 1L at UT this fall, do you have any advice you wish to share?

Oh, do we ever.

Unfortunately, our Reader did not specify what sort of advice he was looking for, nor even if he was a he or she. Thus, he/she gets Random Bullet Point Advice.

  • Don't bother bringing winter clothes. You won't need them. Bring three long-sleeve shirts, tops. Or a medium-weight jacket. I think I've only seen our friend Alfred in long sleeves a handful of times, and that was only because his jacket was MIA.
  • Do bring lots of flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts. This will be your wardrobe 87% of the time if you're a girl and 96% of the time if you're a guy.
  • Do not get an Inspiron 9100 with your laptop financial aid. It weighs approximately 33 lbs. and is a pain in the ass to take to school every day.
  • Do invest in Microsoft One Note. It's pretty cool and only like $5 on campus.
  • Be social. When your small group or society members ask you to go out with them, always go, at least at first. You're allowed to buckle down towards the end, but there is no excuse not to go out and have fun in the beginning of the semester.
  • Bar Review does not mean reviewing for the bar exam.
  • Join Texas Law Bachelor Society if you are male. Or just give me a call. My boobs are of a substantial size, and I have been groped by my drunken friends (including two who are female and one by the name of Antonin).
  • If you are a good-looking female, Antonin is single. And I can say with some authority that he is quite handsome.
  • If you are/were at the top of your class in undergrad, you can probably get away with doing not a lot of work and still come out in the middle of your class, like I did. However, if you want the good-paying job like Antonin has lined up for the summer, you might want to do a little bit more work than I did last semester. Just saying.
  • Unless you have scoliosis, do not invest in a roller bag. You will be mocked relentlessly. 10 minutes between classes (if yours happen to be back-to-back) is ample time to go to your locker and switch books.
  • Attending your Legal Research and Writing class is almost always optional.
  • If you ever have Professor Woolley, none of his classes are optional. Be there, on time, every day, and don't get on IM or check your email for the 50 minutes he's speaking. If you do, you will undoubtedly miss something very important and ultimately pad the back-end of the curve.
  • When you begin to stress about grades, remember that even if you are in the bottom third of your class, things could be worse. You could be, for example, at SMU or Texas Tech.
  • Antonin and I don't get why people stress anyway. You're at Texas. You'll get a job. Go whine somewhere else.
  • Examples and Explanations in (Insert Type of Law Here): Best. Study aids. Ever. I am Professor Glannon's bitch in Civ Pro.
  • Don't despair the first time you realize that you can tell the difference between an italicized period and a non-italicized period. It happens, and it will be okay.
  • If you haven't seen it already, don't waste your time watching The Paper Chase. Law school at UT is nothing like it anyway.
  • has great resources too. Plus Marshall linked to us, so we quite like him.
  • Do watch The West Wing. Antonin highly recommends it.
  • If you want to get into criminal law, just sit back and coast. Average grades will suffice.
  • Logan's (on 6th Street) big beers. 'Nuff said.
  • Freebirds. Mmmmmfreebirds.
  • Get ready to have the best three years of your life. Because Texas is fun.
Hope that puts your mind at ease, dear Reader. If you want more specific advice feel free to email us and... be more specific.

And for you non-UTers (especially those of you up North where annoying things like snow happens) we extend our sympathies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Finals give me a semi

For many people out there, finals are a time of stress and anxiety. But for me, it does not get any better than this. All the reading and studying that we have done all semester culminates into a 4 hour, winner-take-all, display of knowledge, and to me, there is nothing more exciting than that. No busy work, no bullshit assignments that are worth 1% of my grade, and no stupid group presentations. Just one knock down, drag out, "what the fuck you got" exam that determines your final grade, and hence the direction and success of the rest of your life. This is bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, two outs and a full count. This is the buzzer beater from 3 point land. This is kicking the game winning field goal with 3 seconds left. This is the big leagues folks and if you don't have ice water in your veins and balls of steel, you should think about getting your MBA. Here's to finals.*

*Finals do not actually give me an erection, nor do they get me excited in any other way.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Ruth's Poetry Corner

Decided to take some time out from my kick ass criminal law outline in order to relax and introduce you fine folks to my other main skill... haiku. So without further ado, I bring you Law School Haiku for your reading pleasure.

Our property prof
Is the most disorganized
Professor ever.

Adverse possession
Statute of limitations
Blah, blah... please just stop.

This is possibly
the worst class I've ever had.
I might stab myself.

In Civ Pro we're whipped.
We're quiet and attentive
Way before class starts.

Jurisdiction is the bane
of my existence.

Well, it's not really.
But it used up a lot of
Syllables, so there.

Criminal Law
is probably the best class.
Criminals are fun.

Defendants do some
really stupid things and they
always make me laugh.

A pretend doctor
Told his victim she was sick
and he was the cure.

Court says: that's fucked up
But the statute's written wrong.
Consent was given.

Warren Court is fun.
The professor is quite short.
He makes us all laugh.

His lectures come straight
From the book he assigned us.
I mean word for word.

Our Legal Writing class
Is over and that's what counts.
Curse that damn memo.

Everything is much
Funnier when in haiku.
Five-seven-five rocks.

Re: Antonin's post.
I am not a dictator.
He is full of shit.

Feel free to comment
And show off your own brilliance
I'll post the best ones.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Castro= Ruth

Today our blog has witnessed the ultimate hypocrisy. A reader who will remain nameless posted a comment that might be considered controversial by some. Instead of allowing the free flow of ideas, my fellow blogger deleted the comment.

Law students go to school to learn about protecting individual liberties and the fundamental ideals of free speech. We learn about the importance of dissent and differing opinions, and how this speech must be protected. But for some students, namely Ruth, these are only ideals. When people comment on our blog to exercise this right that we hold so dear, some people would rather oppress these ideas if they don't agree with them.

From this point forward, everyone has the right to know what kind of forum you are commenting on. If you comment under one of Ruth's post, it will be the equivalent of living in communist China. Make sure she agrees with your comments, or they will probably never be heard.

But, there is a shining light in this darkness of repression, and that light is my posts. Commenting under my posts will be the equivalent of living here in the United States (pre-Ashcroft), where controversy and dissent are welcome, even if I don't agree with it. God bless me, America, and the 1st amendment.

Another Spring Write On Competition

The American Journal of Supplemental Jurisdiction is currently accepting applications for its spring write-on competition.

The AJSJ was founded in 1999 by a group of students committed to publishing the best Supplemental Jurisdiction scholarship available. A leading journal in its field, the AJSJ was recently ranked the most-cited Supplemental Jurisdiction journal in Texas. It is published once a year and provides practical information about and insight into developments in Supplemental Jurisdiction law. The goal of the AJSJ is to serve as a leading source in the field, for both practitioners and academics alike. Among the areas covered by the AJSJ are: supplemental jurisdiction and supplemental jurisdiction.

Staff Requirements
  • 10 Ad Duty hours per semester
  • 0.5 Students Notes (students will split work with a partner)
  • 0.75 BBCCs per semester

To Apply
  • Send resume and writing sample (doesn't have to be on Supplemental Jurisdiction) to the AJSJ office no later than May 31.
  • Have working pulse.
  • Have high tolerance for correcting sloppy mistakes of professors who ought to know better
  • Ability to read is a plus
So when you inevitably fail to make make Law Review, don't spend your time at home feeling sorry for yourself. Write-on to the American Journal of Supplemental Jurisdiction so that you can look at your friend who didn't make it onto anything and say, "Hey, at least I'm on a journal."

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Take a second...Take a deep breath...And shut the fuck up

Being in law school, I've noticed that there are a lot of people with a very negative outlook on life. Think about it, these are mostly young adults who have a college education, are at a top 15 law school, and are having most of it paid for by either Mom, Dad or Uncle Sam. But instead of appreciating this, all these people can do is bitch about every other aspect of their life. Law school is hard and there's too much pressure? Try working 10-12 hours a day, for minimum wage, just so your family can eat. People would cut off their left (or right) nut to trade places with you. You're bitching about making a 3.6 instead of a 3.9 and not having a summer job, while there are people who wake up everyday at 4:30 am and realize their life is never going to get any better.

You get to go get drunk at the bars, hang out with your friends between classes, and spend weekends doing whatever you want. You're probably going to make more money than about 90% of the country and all you can do is complain about your existential funk? Fuck you and your self-centered, unappreciative disposition. Most people don't get a 1/10th of the opportunity that you've received and all you can do is bitch about not having a girlfriend/boyfriend, not being able to get wasted on a Tuesday, or having to go to class with people you don' t like. Try a week of not knowing where your next meal is coming from, then we'll see how bad you think law school really is. It's a beautiful day and life is really, really good. In this craziness of finals, take a moment to remember how lucky you really are.

Friday, April 22, 2005

You Might Be a Law Student If...

If instead of packing up and leaving during a campus-wide blackout, you simply move closer to one of the emergency lights and continue reading, you might be a law student.

The undergrads (those that were still on campus at 10:30) probably thought, "Sweet! I'll go downtown."

The law students, by contrast, waited in vain for the lights to come back on. Once they realized that they were wasting precious study time, they headed in droves to coffee shops. Although there may be a fair number still reading underneath the emergency lights.

I'm not gonna lie, though. I would've stayed if the wireless internet hadn't gone down with the power. My laptop would've had a good hour to go, but an hour without internet? *shudders at the thought*

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sex and the Law: Lessons Learned

Lesson #1: If you're a lawyer, it's okay to also be a porn star.*

Lesson #2: As long as you don't send such materials to your underage client.

Lesson #3: And just don't offer legal services in exchange for a threesome.

*The lawyer in this case says that he tells his clients about his night job and that they're okay with it. What I want to know is how he brings this up.

Lawyer: Oh, and you should also know... I'm a porn star.

Client: I thought you looked familiar. Were you in "Paralegals Gone Wild?"

Lawyer: No, but my wife was. Have you seen, "Brief This?"

Client: Oh, good film. Excellent camera work there. That was you? (Client's eyes inevitably wander to Lawyer's crotch region.)

And then I want to know how many of his clients, upon their release, seek out his films. And if they feel awkward after watching them. And if he's hot. And where I can find said films.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How to Be a Douche Bag in 10 days

I spend a lot of time online and the one thing that pisses me off is people trying brag about how smart they are online. Don't know what I'm talking about? Let me give you some real life examples:

1. Love the website! This is the best place to procrastinate reading Marx...
Why did you have to mention that you are reading Marx? Couldn't you just have said "great place to procrastinate?" Attention Stupid Bitch, you are not the first person to read Marx. I have never read Marx, but I can still promise you are not the first. No one gives a fuck if you are reading Marx, or anyone else for that matter. Put down the book and go get some dick. More people will be impressed and you'll feel better.

2. I'm sure all the people wearing business casual and toting roller bags are also in the top 1% of their class.
Who the fuck throws out their class rank online? Way to defend the fact that you wear business casual by alluding to your class rank. No one wants to hear about your class rank, no one wants to hear about your "business casual" attitude towards school, and no one wants to hear how you can suck your own dick because you had two ribs removed. Go get a beer and realize that even if you make law review, people will still not like you.

3. (In reference to brain teaser/IQ test) Not too bad. took a couple of minutes to figure out how to use the rules to my advantage, but not that hard.
What? Do you think this is "Good Will Hunting II" and some professor is going to discover you on this message board? You're bragging about cracking a brain teaser put together by a 5 year old Japanese kid. 1) No one gives a fuck how long it took you to finish it, 2) you are probably lying anyway, and 3) you are fucking douche bag. Being an IQ test master doesn't change the fact that you make $30,000 a year and your wife is cheating on you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Please don't be one of these people.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

If Pillow Talk Was Like Judicial Opinions

While reading the chapter on rape and sexual assault tonight (which was the assignment for last week, by the way), I couldn't help but laugh at some of the things said in the chapter. I understand that rape is a serious thing, and wasn't laughing at the victims (except the one who consented when the pretend!doctor told her that she had a disease that could only be cured by having sex with him--I laughed at her).

But the language used by the courts was just so mechanical, I couldn't help myself.

The Scene: Guy and Girl are making out on Girl's couch.

Guy: (whispering) Can I penetrate you vaginally?

Girl: (moans) I freely and expressly give you my (another passionate moan) consent.

Sexual intercourse ensues.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Warren Court prof today:

"Fortas would've made Mothers Against Drunk Driving unconstitutional. Which would've been great for my favorite organization, DAMM: Drunks Against Mad Mothers."

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Ruth! The Ruth! The Ruth is on Fire!

Ruth and I went out Thursday night for the weekly "bar review" and proceeded to get totally shit canned. For me the night was nothing out of the ordinary, which consisted of singing the chorus of Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" at the top of my lungs, and defending equal rights by insisting that if a girl grabs your chest, you have the right to grab hers.

Ruth, on the other hand, got especially drunk and had quite a memorable night, even for her drunken standards. It started off with her downing beers like she thought there was only one keg behind the bar and that shit was about to float. She then proceeded to feel on every guy in the bar, and even informed me that we should make out for purely practical reasons. I informed her that hooking up and co-authoring a renowned blog never works, and that we owed it to our readers to keep it platonic. It was all down hill from there as she then proceed to pee on herself in a parking garage after we left the bar, then threw up for 2 straight hours to cap the night off. You know that anytime you wake up with urine and vomit on your jeans from the night before, you probably got too fucked up. The next day was terrible for us both, and I think Ruth even put "4/15- Too hungover" in her property notes.

Friday, April 15, 2005

More proof that law school is like middle school

Actual things said in class or in textbooks that Antonin and I have snickered at:

  • Is it harder to physically suck than it is to pump? (Question asked by a student in class.)
  • Owen Equipment and Erection Co. v. Kroger
  • Venue is past participle of "venir" which means "to come."
  • Big punies
  • Box
  • "First, he pulls out..."
  • "This quickie..."
I'm sure there are more, but my current hungover state means that my brain is a little on the foggy side. (More on that later.)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lil' Us and David Horowitz

Antonin and I decided to actually do work for school tonight, but I found this post with Lil' Scalia and Lil' Ginsburg quite amusing. Mostly because it concerns our namesakes.

However, I couldn't go to bed without mentioning the protest at the law school tonight over the Federalism Society's guest speaker: David Horowitz. I may or may not be spelling his name correctly. I can't be arsed to look it up though. The Google toolbar is just too far away.

So, I'm in [Top Secret Study Area] in the law school when I hear a commotion of voices and what sounds like chanting. Then I clearly hear people slowly chanting, "LET HER GO! LET HER GO!"

I'm tempted to get up and see what the fuss is, but then I remember that the Assault & Flattery office is within ear shot of [Top Secret Study Area] and you know how those dramatic types are. Loud and dramatic. I figure maybe they're having some sort of end of the year office clean-up and go back to reading about res judicata.

Alfred comes down from his own Top Secret Spot in the library and asks if I saw the protest.

"What protest?"

"There was a protest going on. I could hear it from inside the library. They had signs and everything."

So it turns out that some girl got arrested at David Horowitz's talk, and the Protest Club (as Alfred likes to call them) followed her to the police car, chanting. Not too long after that, the controversial man himself walks by, escorted by some students and at least two people who were armed.

Needless to say, after that civil procedure just seemed excrutiatingly boring, so I turned to my felony murder assignment instead.

Our memos are due Friday, after which we expect to return to our regular blogging schedule.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First draft = done!

As I typed the final period on the conclusion of the first draft of my memo, I paused a moment to reflect on my brilliant legal mind. Because it doesn't matter how crappy the memo actually is. Because for that one instant when you finish the first draft, it's perfect. Whole. Beautiful. The hardwork is done. You can see the promised land.

Of course, then I will open it back up tomorrow with the intention of making a few quick adjustments, realize it's utter shit, trash the whole thing and start over. I might bang my head on the wall a few times and pull at my hair a little as well. Tears will probably flow freely, and serious doubts about my intelligence will be entertained.

All of this for one credit hour.

*le sigh*

Antonin and I are currently hidden away in our Top Secret Library Spot, being extremely melodramatic about everything. It's not enough for us to sit back, sigh loudly, and then get to writing the next section. We have to make a production about everything. Just a minute ago something good happened to Antonin (I don't know what it was-we're not acutally allowed to discuss any details). But I knew something good happened because he jumped up from his library chair, danced in place and then ran around another table and up and down the couch. When I clicked Save in Word, I threw my chair backwards, and took several bows before my non-existent audience.

Ah well. At least we're able to keep a sense of humor through all this...

Watch out, bitches!

As you've been informed in the previous post, we got our schedules for next fall today. Unlike my friend below, I am the scheduling God she refers to in her title and I have the greatest schedule ever created. My exams are spread out, not on a Saturday, and not on Christmas Eve. Much like my entire life, everything worked out according to plan.

But the best thing about my schedule, which I've been looking forward to since I started Law School, is no Friday classes. This means that my Thursday nights will be taken to an entirely new level. This means more breaking beer mugs in the Logan's bathroom, more groping unwilling females, and more public urination than all of you have seen before. Not that I don't go out on Thursdays now, but without the threat of a Friday morning class lingering in the back of mind, any inclinations towards moderation will go out the window. I am not bragging about my drinking habits, but rather issuing a stern warning to all of you who might find themselves unwittingly standing on my drunken warpath.

Oh Scheduling Gods, Why Have You Foresaken Me?

Upon first glance at my shiny new fall schedule, I immediately started having delusions of grandeur about my scheduling abilities. Not only did I get every single class I wanted, I also got into the clinic that I'd been crossing my fingers for. And my finals were nice and spaced out, and--

Hang on.

I have a final on Friday, December 23.



How did I miss that when I was making thirty-three possible schedule configurations? I'm also not going to talk about the fact that one of my finals is on a Saturday. Also clearly overlooked.

Sure, I could drop the class, but it's one I really want to take and with a professor I like. Though, the thought of driving home immediately after a final or on Christmas Eve is definitely not appealing.


So while the weekly schedule is quite acceptable, the finals schedule leaves much to be desired.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Reason #16 not to go to law school

Ruth (reading Civ Pro): Man, when these guys went forum shopping, they broke out the Visa!

Antonin: Put the Civ Pro book down and go home. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

The trouble with Latin

We decided on the name "Amicus Curiae" because we thought we'd play on the whole friend thing since we're friends and all that. And we thought we were quite clever. And just to make sure we were properly clever, I looked up the spelling in the dictionary and everything.

I got the spelling correct on the login information, and promptly proceeded to spell it incorrectly everywhere else. Antonin's obviously not the world's best speller either, because he failed to catch the mistake too. Same with our Top Secret Confidant. We'll call him Alfred.

If you happen to find any remnants of our ineptitude, feel free to kindly point it out. We did find the mistake quite funny ourselves.

However, once we tried to fix the mistake, we were shocked (SHOCKED!) to find out that the correct spelling was not only taken, but that redirected to a very NSFW site. With boobies. While Antonin thought this was awesome and checked out the site, I looked for a way to fix my spelling blunder.

Thank goodness for the dash. So please remember, unless you want to get caught with boobies on your screen, you need to type the dash. Actually, you might just want to bookmark it and be done with it.

A good walk spoiled...

Saturday was the school golf tourney, and a group of us decided we would shell out the $40 each to show off our mad golf skills. Unfortunetly, we left our mad golf skills at home and they certainly didn't return to us after 10+ beers. We came in second to last place and the highlight of our day was when I told the beverage cart girl that I dated a beverage cart girl once, and now she was a stripper. She never came back to give us more beer. So now I'm $40 poorer, my legs are scratched to hell from looking for my ball, and I destroyed an 18 year old girl's self esteem. All-in-all, I would call it a pretty successful day.

So we decided to get on the blawg bandwagon

Who are we?

Two UT Law 1Ls who decided to start a blog because neither of us wanted to start on our memos.

Antonin is new to the blogosphere, and would like to point out that he was dragged here semi-unwillingly by Ruth. Ruth, on the other hand, has been blogging elsewhere for about two years and has what Antonin would call a blog addiction.

What are we about?

What aren't we about? We're pretty much down for anything. We both like drinking to the point of intoxication and quoting movie lines even after no one else thinks they are funny. Antonin is also particularly committed to making out with girls. And although Ruth finds the idea of two girls making out to be intriguing on occasion, her commitment in that arena definitely lacks Antonin's enthusiasm.

We decided to start this blog for several reasons. First, we decided there was a lack of blawgs that offered both a male and a female perspective. Second, we just thought it would be fun. Third, Ruth is a Buffalo Wings & Vodka fangirl. Fourth, we just wanted a place where we could share drinking stories. And lastly, we may or may not be attention whores.

We plan to use this blog primarily to relay things that amuse us. Warning: just about everything amuses us so pretty much anything goes. Sometimes we'll post on behalf of both of us, sometimes we'll post for ourselves individually, and sometimes our posts might be a conversation between the two of us (but feel free to virtually eavesdrop and/or join in).

The Amici Gurantee

We here at Amicus Curiae promise to refrain from seriousness whenever possible. Anyone who knows us in real life will tell you that we spend about 87% of our day laughing. Usually we're laughing at things that only the two of us understand, but we'll try our best to refrain from that here in the blog. Because law school practically runs our lives (practically?), a good number of our posts will be law-related. But every now again, you should expect very random musings. And that's the Amici Guarantee.

Anything else you'd like to know?

Comment here or email us at at gmail dot com. And please forgive us if you catch us whoring ourselves out at other blogs. We've got to attract readers somehow.

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