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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

1L Year v. 2L Year: A Comparative Analysis

This comparison considers events that take place through the first three weeks of the school year.

Books: Price and Purchase Date
1L Year: $500 for the fall, purchased five days before orientation.
2L Year: $150 for the fall, purchased... erm, soon.
Winner: 2L year, hands down.

Response when asked for the facts of the case in class:
1L Year: "Plaintiff was at a restaurant and..."
2L Year: "I'm sorry, professor, I didn't read this case." (A variation on this includes crickets chirping when I'm called on but failed to show up to class.)
Winner: 2L year, because apathy beats anxiety any day.

Evenings Spent:
1L Year: Reading, using the five color highlighter system.
2L Year: Receptions, clinic work, receptions, clinic work, receptions, mock trial, dinners with attorneys you hardly know...
Winner: 1L year, but that may just be the exhaustion talking.

Thoughts at Night:
1L Year: Damn, the professor assigned 5o pages of reading for Contracts, and I still need to re-read Con Law...
2L Year: Damn, am I on call tomorrow? Maybe I should read. Wonder what time the Co-Op closes...
Winner: 2L year. Duh.

Social Life:
1L Year:
Go out on bar review nights, but only if I drink light and am sure to be home by midnight because I have class tomorrow.
2L Year: Weekend starts Thursday afternoon. But if someone wants to hit up the bar on Tuesday or Wednesday, that's cool too.
Winner: Do I even have to say?

Biggest Expense:
1L Year: Intent to study law application
2L Year: Bar tab.
Winner: 2L year. Mmmmmbeer.

Biggest Annoyance:
1L Year:
2L Year: Finding out that there are still gunners.
Winner: Neither. Both really suck.

Favorite Professor:
1L Year:
2L Year: Robertson.
Winner: 1L year, because he brought his guitar and sang Torts songs. No guitar yet this year. What's up with that?

Anxious Because:
1L Year:
Because I'm a 1L and that's what 1Ls do... we're anxious.
2L Year: Because I haven't gotten any callbacks yet. D'oh!
Winner: 1L year because at least general anxiety doesn't preclude me from having a job in the summer.

Final tally: 2L Year = 5, 1L Year 3

And the fact that I wrote this post out instead of reading for Crim Pro probably says more about the 2L year than the post itself.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking forward to to 2L, provided I don't have a nervous breakdown doing my 1L law degree. Not sure my liver is on the same page though...

8:44 AM  
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